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Headrosa Balm 40gm Vallabh Vijay and Sons

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Headrosa Balm 40gm Vallabh Vijay and Sons

Headrosa balm is a powerful remedy to cure varied pains and ailments of the body in a single application. This balm has soothing effects and is meant for external application in treating cough, cold and chest pains. This pain-relieving remedy is useful in treating joint pain, stiffness of muscles, sprain, bruises, backache and other body pain. This balm is effective in treating severe headaches and cataract headaches as well. This is one solution to effectively eradicated pain and swelling from any part of the body. The powerful ingredients present in this balm penetrate deep within to effectively sooth muscles and strains on any area of the body. This herbal formulation is safe to use on skin and has no harmful effects. Now relief any pain within a second with Headrosa balm.


Uses and benefits of Headrosa balm:

Headrosa balm is an all-rounder in relieving pain and curing ailments of the body. Indications for Headrosa balm are:

  1. Headrosa balm helps treat common cold, cough, breathing problems due to blocked nose and chest pain.
  2. This balm is a powerful remedy to cure joints and muscular pains.
  3. It is effective in treating sprains, bruises, spasms, muscular pain and stiffness of muscles.
  4. This balm can be used to cure backaches due to continuous sitting hours and working.
  5. This balm helps treat headaches, cataract headaches and migraines.
  6. It checks nasal congestion, sore throat and stiffness of the body.
  7. It is even effective in cramps of muscles.


Ingredients in Headrosa balm:

Headrosa balm is composed of the goodness and medicinal values of methanol, thymol, camphor, menthyl salicylate, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, gram citrate oil, sassafras oil, and paraffin base to help eradicate pain and ailments of the body and head.


How to use Headrosa balm:

The balm is meant for external application only, do not swallow it. Take an adequate amount of the balm and apply it over the joints and surrounding area in order to get relief from pain. Apply balm over your forehead and behind the ears in order to get relief from headaches. In case of cold or cough apply the balm on the nose and around the nostrils and on your chest to get relief. Apply the balm twice and cover the area of certain minutes to evolve heat and get better and faster results.


Cautions and contraindications of Headrosa balm:

  1. Headrosa balm is meant for external application to apply over skin. Do not swallow or intake the medicine in any way. In taking the medicine orally can have poisonous and adverse effects.
  2. Do not apply on or in the eye or mouth. If accidently goes into the mouth or eye rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Drug interactions might change the course of action of the medicine, hence consult a doctor before use for drug interactions and allergies.
  4. If you have asthma or nasal polyps consult your doctor before using Headrosa balm.

5. The product has no side effects. But if you witness excessive warmth, stinging, burning or redness and it persists visit a doctor at the earliest.

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