Ayurex NDX Capsules 4cap Anandi Pharmaceutical upto 10 % off

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Ayurex NDX Capsules 4cap Anandi Pharmaceutical upto 10 % off

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Ayurex NDX capsules are a product of Anandi pharmaceuticals. This is an ayurvedic formulation that elevates sexual desire in males. Ayurex-NDX capsule is completely ayurvedic has no side effects. The use of the capsule resolves genital problems like loss of sexual power, erectile dysfunction, impotency, lethargy and hormonal imbalance. The formulation helps you gain confidence and lead a healthy life. Build self-esteem and get assured results with regular use. Ayurex capsules are found effective in curing libido and premature ejaculation. Ayurex-NDX capsule contains shuddha shilajit and ashwagandha that help create hormonal balance in males and helps them lead a healthy sexual life.

Uses and benefits of Ayurex NDX capsules:

Ayurex-NDX capsule are completely herbal composition and is the safest method to treat any sexual disorder in male without chemicals.

  • Ayurex-NDX capsule helps revitalize and boost the energy levels in males and helps prolonged erection.
  • Ayurex-NDX capsule helps build self-esteem and confidence in a relationship, thus relieving stress and depression.
  • The ayurvedic properties of the formulation help enhance sexual performance in males by balancing out hormonal charges.
  • Ayurex-NDX capsules are effective against erectile dysfunction, impotency, low libido and premature ejaculation.
  • Ayurex-NDX capsule fights genital infections as well and provides better strength in males.
  • It helps boost stamina in males.
  • Ayurex-NDX capsule increases blood flow to intimate tissues and organs.

Ingredients in Ayurex-NDX capsule:

Ayurex-NDX capsule has medicinal properties of multiple ayurvedic herbs namely, shuddha shilajit, kawach beej, jaiphal, nirgundi, ashwagandha, gokharu and trivang bhasma. It is composed of fruit, shoots, leaves and roots of these herbs.

Dosage of Ayurex-NDX capsule:

Ayurex-NDX capsule can be taken once per week with milk, preferably before bedtime. Do not overuse or misuse the preparation. Overdosage of the medication can have severe effects on health. Kindly consult your doctor if allergic or taking the medication with your regular medicines.

Cautions and contraindications:

  • Patients suffering from hypersensitivity to any ingredient present in the Ayurex-NDX capsule are advised to avoid using the medication.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or any chronic disorder should avoid using the Ayurex-NDX capsule.
  • This preparation should not be given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under any circumstances.
  • If allergic to any ingredient present in the medication do not use the Ayurex-NDX capsule.

Side effects of Ayurex-NDX capsule:

Ayurex-NDX capsule is an ayurvedic medicine and has no side effects. This is a powerful preparation and hence should take per the dosage prescribed by a doctor. Overdose of the formulation might cause mild to adverse effects. In case of any unusual signs after consumption of the Ayurex-NDX capsule get medical advice and assistance immediately.



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