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Nibhanjan cream is a product of Sanjeevani Chikitsa Mandi. It is formulated to treat all your skin issues effectively and permanently. It is a cream-based product that effectively cures active and dried acne/pimple overnight. Use this formulation to eradicate any marks left by tough pimples and acne. The product has medicinal properties to effectively remove scars, lines, black patches, pigmentation, spots and fine lines. It helps to remove dark circles and black patches around the eye to give you a flawless look. rejuvenate and refresh your face with the cream. This product effectively treats your skin problems to help you get that flawless glow. Its skin whitener and curing properties heal your face and skin from all the damage due to stress, work, and pollution.

Uses and benefits of using Nibhanjan cream:

Nibhanjan cream has medicinal properties to heal damage to the skin. Certain benefits of using Nibhanjan cream are:

  • It is used to provide moisturization to the skin to prevent and cure drying, roughness, scaly, itching and minor skin irritations.
  • The cream has therapeutic properties that help remove scars, black patches, pigmentation, spots and fine lines.
  • Give your eyes the care it needs with this effective formulation to remove dark circles and bags from under the eye area.
  • It removes signs of aging due to stress, work and pollution.
  • It is found effective in removing acne/pimples and tough marks caused by them.
  • This ointment helps your skin look brighter, smoother and fresh, it is your one solution to all your skin issues.
  • Nibhanjan cream effectively removes dead cells and scars from the skin.

How to use Nibhanjan cream:

Clean the affected area with water and pat dry. Take an adequate amount of Nibhanjan cream and apply it over the affected area or full face and leave it to dry. The cream can be used as day and night cream. Use the cream twice a day for effective results. Do not touch the affected area after the application of the product. The product is meant for physical application only, do not consume orally.

Side effects and precautions:

  • The product is known to have no side effects. You might witness itchiness, burning, tingling, and redness on application, but these signs are found to disappear as the body adjusts to the product.
  • Check for ingredients present in the product to know if allergic.
  • If allergic to any component present in Nibhanjan cream, do not use the product or use the product after consultation with a doctor.
  • If you see any severe reaction like, dryness, patchiness, dizziness or swelling of the face, tongue or lips, discontinue use and visit a doctor at the earliest.
  • Interaction of the product with other chemicals might change the course of medicine.
  • The cream has not been tested for pregnancy and lactating women, hence get doctors advice before use.
  • People suffering from diabetes or any chronic disorder should get medical guidance before using Nibhanjan cream.
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