Shwasonil Syrup 200ml Ayu.Arkshala Satara

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Want instant relief from blocked throat and nose? Shwasonil syrup by Ayurvedeeya Arkashala limited is a specially created ayurvedic remedy to cure respiratory disorders and related symptoms. It helps relive from cough and cold of both dry and productive nature. Shwasonil syrup effectively relives bronchial spasms and helps in relaxing bronchial muscle relaxation. It helps reduce congestion due to cough and cold. This is an effective remedy to treat respiratory disorders like cold, cough, flu, asthma, respiratory infections and disorders. The product acts as a spasmolytic, bronchodilator, expectorant and mucolytic agent. it is even helpful in allergies of the respiratory tract, bronchitis and alveoli. This is one herbal solution to help relive all respiratory disorders and help you get relief from its related symptoms as well.

Uses and benefits of Shwasonil syrup:

Shwasonil syrup is an effective herbal formula to get rid of all disorders and revitalize your lungs. Key benefits of Shwasonil syrup are:

  • Shwasonil syrup is effective in treating mild to chronic cold and cough.
  • It helps treat cold, cough, and flu of both dry and productive nature.
  • This herbal remedy cures infections of the lungs, bronchitis, and alveoli.
  • Shwasonil syrup is a medicine that has been found effective in relieving from blocked nose and throat, pain due to cold and cough.
  • It treats bronchial asthma, bronchitis, allergic bronchitis and cough.
  • The product is formulated to reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.
  • The product acts as a spasmolytic, brochodialtor, expectorant and mucolytic agent.

Composition of Shwasonil syrup:

Shwasonil syrup is composed from the medicinal parts and goodness of Shoepahara, gud, dhataki, madhu, vasa, sharkara, kanak, awap drawye, yashtimadhu, kantakari, galpippali, nagpuspha, bharangi, talispatram, sunthi, bibhitak, mrudvika, sugandhi marich, brihat ela, marich, deokusumum, twak, pippal imool and parsik yawani.

Dosage of Shwasonil syrup:

Take 15 ml or 2 tablespoons of this syrup in equal amounts of water, two times in a day for people above the age of 17 years. For children below the age of 17 years take 5ml or 1 tablespoon of the syrup with equal amounts of water, two times in a day. in case of chronic ailment take the medicine three times in a day or as directed by the physician.

Side effects and precautions while using Shwasonil syrup:

  • This syrup is safe to use and is completely herbal, doctor consultation is still recommended. Contact ayurvedic doctor for complete guidance and support.
  • The product might cause dizziness, skin rash, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in rare case.
  • No side effects have been reported and recorded for this medicine.
  • If pregnant or lactating kindly consult a doctor before using the preparation.
  • For diabetic and heart patients, consult a doctor before using this syrup.
  • Check for allergies and drug interactions if using any other medicine along with Shwasonil syrup.
  • Overdose and misuse of the product should be avoided and is prohibited. If you witness any unusual behavior discontinue use of the medicine and kindly consult a doctor.
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