Bhagat Kid Care 1pack 3gm*15packets Each Pack upto 20 % off

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Bhagat Kid Care 1pack 3gm*15packets Each Pack upto 20 % off

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Are you tired of kidney stones and the pain they cause? Tired of taking hundreds of medicines? Do not worry Bhagat Kirpa Ram Yograj, has brought you an effective and chemical-free way to remove kidney stones forever. Bhagat kid care kit is an ayurvedic preparation, to treat and prevent kidney stones and related symptoms. With the unhealthy lifestyle that we lead, kidney stones has become a common ailment. In order to remove and kind of stone or crystal from your kidney or urinary tract, now you have an ayurvedic solution, in hand bhagat kid care kit. These capsules help break down kidney stones and release it through the urinary tract. It also prevents the reoccurrence of kidney stones. The formulation also helps treat infections and uric acid symptoms.

Uses and benefits of bhagat kid care:

bhagat kid care is an effective ayurvedic medicine that helps treat urinary and kidney-related disorders. Certain key benefits of bhagat kid care are:

  • Bhagat kid care works effectively in breaking big or small kidney stones.
  • Bhagat kid care comes with essential herbs that help remove crystals or stones present anywhere in the kidney or urinary tract by breaking them into very smaller particles and discarding them along with urine.
  • Ayurvedic medicine also helps in treating renal afflictions and inflammations of the internals of kidney and urinary tracts.
  • Bhagat kid care is also found effective in treating uric acid symptoms and infections.
  • Bhagat kid care is formulated in a way that eradicates present stones and even inhabits the reoccurrence of stones anytime in the future.

Composition of bhagat kid care:

Bhagat kid care kit is composed of Potassii Nitras, Sodii Biboras, Alumen, Mangifera Indicum, Brassica Juncea, Saxifraga Ligulata, Sodii Carbonas, Silicate Of Lime, Achyranthes Aspera, Raphanus Sativus, Potassii Carbonas and Holarrhena Anidysentrica.

Dosage of bhagat kid care kit:

Bhagat kid care comes in 15 packets of 3 gm each. The dosage depends upon stone size and age as follows:

  • For anyone who is below 12 years of age is advised to take half a pouch which is a minimum single dose of 1.5 gm thrice a day, 10 minutes after the meal. If excessive pain is being experienced take 1-2 pouches in a day.
  • For people above 12 years of and more take a minimum single dose of 3 gm that is 1 pouch, thrice in a day. the medication should be taken 10 minutes after meals.
  • Depending upon the stone size, the duration of medicine should be 3 packet per day for 15 days, in case stone size is up to 5mm. 4 packets per day for 40 days in case stone size is 5mm – 10mm. 5 packet per day for 45 days, in case stone size is in between 10mm – 20mm. 6 packets per day for 60 days, in case of stone size, is between 20mm-30mm.
  • Consult a doctor for minimum single dose of the medication before consumption.

Cautions and contraindications:

  • In case you are taking the medicine with any other drug or medications check for drug interactions and consult a doctor.
  • If allergic to any ingredient present in the medicine, do not use the preparation.
  • Do not take the medication while pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • The medication should not be taken by people suffering from hypersensitivity.
  • The medicine is an ayurvedic formulation and hence has no side effects in case you spot any unusual behavior or complication discontinue the use of medicine and visit a doctor at the earliest.

Preferred dosage to get the desired Result : 

Stone size    Dosage  Duration
upto 5 mm  3 packets per day 15 days
5mm to 10mm 4 packets per day 40 days
10mm – 20mm 5 packets per day 45 days
20mm-30mm 6 packets per day  60 days


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5 reviews for Bhagat Kid Care 1pack 3gm*15packets Each Pack upto 20 % off

  1. siddharth (verified owner)

    6mm stone came out in 8 days thanks bhagat kid care

  2. maharaj (verified owner)

    i am from meerut and refer all patient of kidney stone to try bhagat kid care

  3. ramakant (verified owner)

    very very good product use it for relief from kidney stone

  4. Pawan Kumar (verified owner)

    bahot acha product hai

  5. Sandeep (verified owner)

    Trying for another 15 days in hope that it should come out.

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