1. Select product

Select the product you want to order from the range of products available, You can also use the search box to search the entire website for desired product.

If you do not find the product on our website kindly mail the details of the product on [email protected].

2. Available options.

As the product might come in several packing with varying MRP. Kindly select the available option by selecting the option. Once the availble option is selected the colour of option changes from white to red.

3. Add to cart.

Now click on add to cart to add the product to cart.

4. Addition of product

You can add as many product you want to cart before checking out. 

5. Quantity

Use the + – symbol to increase or decrease the number of pieces of individual product required.

6. Checkout

click on checkout to order the product. Fill in the complete details and select payumoney checkout.

7. Payment

Make payment online via most secured ” payumoney ” gateway which enable you to release money only after the product is delivered to you. If incase the product is not delivered to you the amount gets refunded to you account.

8. Order confirmation

Kindly check the email ID given to check the order confirmation mail.

9. Overpricing/underpricing.

Underpricing: We hope you understand the fact that the company reserves the right to increase price at any point of time, at that moment even we are helpless. Hence, If incase the price hike is more than 5 % we will request you to kindly make payment of difference amount through a link sent to your number/E-mail.If the price hike is less than 5 % we extend the same as adiscount and will ship the product as it is.

Overpricing: We also except the same if incase you have received a product for which you have paid more and the MRP of the product is less we are happy to refund the difference amount.

10. Contact Info.

WhatsApp on 8983023033 incase of any query