nopile capsule 30 cap Rusi Remedies Pvt Ltd upto 20%

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nopile capsule 30 cap Rusi Remedies Pvt Ltd upto 20%

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nopile capsule 30 cap Rusi Remedies Pvt Ltd upto 20%

Nopile capsule is an effective remedy to cure piles, fissures and their related symptoms. It is effective in treating both internal and external piles symptoms. This ayurvedic preparation has suvarna geru, gulvel satva and arshakuthar ras to relive and remove pain and rectal bleeding due to piles. Nopile capsule is an ayurvedic formulation that helps treat piles and even cures chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoids. It is rich in antimicrobial factors and prevents microbial infections to the body. Get pain-free fecal excretion without going into a painful process. Nopile capsules also help in eradicating any chances of recurrence of piles and fissures. The analgesic properties of components present in Nopile help reduce pain and burning sensation during piles.


  • Suvarna Geru
  • Arshakuthar Ras
  • Gulvel Satva
  • Tinospora Cordifolia


1 Capsule three times a day for 30 to 60 days. Followed by 1 capsule daily for a minimum of six weeks to prevent recurrence of chronic cases.

Brand Rusi Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Price ₹225.00
Pack Size 30 Capsules

Uses and benefits Nopile Capsule:

Nopile capsule offers excellent treatment and prevention against reoccurrence of multiple disorders.

  • It works best for piles treatment and even eradicates any signs of recurrence of piles in patients.
  • This capsule treats individuals suffering from hemorrhoids.
  • It is an effective preparation against bloating, upset stomach and convulsions.
  • Patients suffering from hepatitis can also take the preparation for effective treatment.
  • Nopile capsules are proven against diabetes and spasms also.

Composition and Dosage of Nopile capsule:

Nopile capsule is formulated from the mixture of arsha kuthar, suvarna geru and tinospora cordfoila. The combination of these ayurvedic herbs is effective to fight against multiple disorders and is safe to use as this preparation has found no reported side effects. In order to cure piles and fissures effectively, take a minimum single dosage of 1 tablet three times a day for 30 – 60 days depending upon the severity and condition. After 60 days reduce the dosage to 1 capsule per day, for a minimum six weeks, this prevents recurrence of piles. For chronic cases or post-surgery patients, it is advised to take a minimum single dosage of 1 capsule three times a day for 6 – 12 months. After this, reduce the dosage to 1 capsule per day for 9 weeks to avoid recurrence of piles and associated symptoms. The formulation is well tolerated and can be taken for longer durations without any side effects. Getting medical advice from a doctor on the dosage and interaction of the drug is advisable.

Cautions and contradictions:

Nopile capsule has no side effects and is well tolerated for longer consumption periods. Before and during the consumption of Nopile capsule keep in mind the following things:

  • Consult a doctor, if taking any prior medication.
  • Look for the ingredients and check if they are allergic.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies are advised to consult a doctor before taking the medication.
  • Monitor blood glucose level regularly before and during medication period.
  • Nopile capsules might interact with azathioprine, basiliximab, glimepiride or insulin, hence getting medical assistance.

Over dosage of Nopile capsule:

Over dosage of the medication might cause poisoning or drastic effects over health and should be highly prohibited. In case of any signs of uneasiness or discomfort, stop the use of Nopile capsule immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible.





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